Learn to Cook!

Divine Dinners offers cooking classes each month.  Some are weeknight classes and others are Couples/Date Nights on a Friday evening.  Check our Learn to Cook section for the schedule.  We also offer private cooking classes in our store or at your home! Gather your friends together for a fun night. Pick a menu, invite your friends, and we’ll do everything else. We’ll teach kitchen tips and variations with the recipe.  Price varies according to the menu/topic.  Host a class at our store from $35 per person, or in your home from $40!  Call us today at 706-992-6500!

Kids Cooking Birthday Parties!!!

Cost is $175 for up to 6 children.  If more than 6 children, then $25 per additional child.  You have the space for 2 hours which allows time for cooking, eating, and party celebration.  Popular party ideas:

Paint Your Tacos – make an edible paint, create a design on the shell.  While the shells bake, the kids season the meat (no pre-packaged seasonings!).  Kids then fill their tacos with their favorite fillings.

Pizza – after making a quick rise crust, kids get a personal portion of dough to shape as they choose, then top with their favorite pizza toppings.

Pasta from Scratch – make the dough and while it rests, kids can shape meatballs to add to our signature marinara sauce – OR – make an alfredo sauce to top the noodles.  Kids then roll out and cook the noodles.

Hibachi – make a yum yum sauce, fried rice, and sautéed vegetables.  We make a teriyaki chicken to complete the meal.

Oven “fried” Chicken Tenders with Macaroni and Cheese!